Camp Hooray | The Future
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The Future

top bunk mentality

Campers of all abilities deserve to sleep on the top bunk, and that is the mentality we use when designing this camp.

fully accessible

Camp Hooray will be the first fully accessible camp in Georgia, providing opportunities for kids of all abilities to enjoy the summer camp experience.

working with the land

Since we are working with such an incredible piece of property, we wanted to make sure our designs used every aspect of that land to it’s fullest potential.

dream turned reality

It was a dream we didn’t even know we had, and now it is become an incredible reality right before our eyes.

Top Bunk Mentality

Extra Special People has partnered with the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech to build the first-of-its-kind, fully-accessible overnight camp for children and young adults with disabilities: Camp Hooray. For these two schools, the 70-acre Camp Hooray in Jackson County, Georgia will become a living laboratory where their students and faculty will have the opportunity to create new and innovative structural and landscape designs. This will be a cross collaboration between Georgia’s College of Landscape and Design and Georgia Tech’s School of Architecture that is the first of it’s kind between the two universities. Each university will have a class solely dedicated to the design of Camp Hooray. For Extra Special People, Camp Hooray is an opportunity to expand its mission beyond the state and to those with special needs all over the world. For 30 years, Extra Special People, which is based in Watkinsville, Georgia, has focused its mission on enhancing the lives of children with developmental disabilities and their families by emphasizing their abilities, not disabilities. Camp Hooray is an extension of that philosophy.

Fully Accessible Overnight Camp

different blueprints

The Dream

Every summer, ESP gives its campers a one of a kind experience: real overnight camp. A fully-accessible camp at Camp Hooray will allow ESP to provide overnight camp to more participants while keeping the cost low for families. Camp Hooray will help us to serve more of the 2,000 children in the area with developmental disabilities through weeks of day, overnight, and weekend camps in the future. Every child, regardless of obstacle, deserves the opportunity to experience the magic of camp!

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